Classes in the Study of Literature

Session Schedule & Courses Offered

Classes are offered in six-week sessions for $150.00 per session. Each class is one and one-half hours, once a week.

20011-2012 Session Schedule
Fall Winter Spring Summer
TBA  TBA March 13 to April 18, 2012 TBA

The classes listed below have been given in the past and may be offered in the future. Also, new classes will be added to this list. Please feel free to express your interest in any of these classes and we will attempt to offer them soon. You can also email us with your own suggestions of subjects you are interested in taking.

Favorite Novels on the bookshelf
Some Past Courses Offered
F. Scott Fitzgerald Virginia Woolf Gustave Flaubert
James Joyce Dostoevsky The Coming of French into the English Language
Shakespeare Virgil’s Aeneid Leo Tolstoy
D.H. Lawrence Geoffrey Chaucer William Faulkner
Marcel Proust Philip Larkin Thomas Hardy
Ernest Hemingway Mark Twain Dylan Thomas
Herman Melville
Henry James Greek Drama
Homer’s Odyssey Unlock Your Creativity Herman Melville
Irish Literature The History of the English Language and Our Fascination with Words Walt Whitman
Beowulf Albert Camus Franz Kafka
Being Poetic The Pleasure of Poetry Humor in Literature
The Bloomsbury Group Fascination with Words Creative Writing